Halloween Ideas

inventor dog - emi ito illustration

Halloween really snuck up on me this year.  I have no clue what I’ll be, but more importantly, I had no idea what to do for Ollie’s costume until just the other day.  Since he’s part dachshund, the default would be to dress him up as a hot dog, but I feel like that’s overdone.  Then, the idea came to me the other night while I was watching Ollie play with his toys.  Recently, he has taken to combining his toys to create a “new” toy.  For example, he has a rubbery Z-shaped toy that he’ll cover with a disemboweled plush moose toy, and then he’ll chew on and play with the “new” toy as if it were one.  Pretty genius if you ask me, although I may be a little biased : )  So, to highlight my dog’s brilliance (hah!), Ollie will likely be an “inventor dog” this year!  Let’s hope I can quickly pull together a nerdy dog outfit…anyone have a spare dog lab coat?


100 Likes on Facebook!

100 Likes! - emi ito illustration

You guyssss!!!  I was SO STOKED this week to see that Emi Ito Illustration now has 100 likes on Facebook!! (and I never use the word “stoked”!)  While this may seem like a small number in the scheme of things, it was a huge goal for me and I was so excited to finally reach it!  Thank you so much for your support.  Seeing that others like my work really motivates me to keep drawing!  If you haven’t “liked” my page yet, you can check it out here.  I post more frequent updates there, including information on upcoming projects and other exciting news.  Thank you again!


brooklyn oktoberfest color - emi ito illustration blog smaller

Well, I was really looking forward to finishing a drawing of Positano…but then I got a little distracted.  How quickly my muses change!  Happy hump day : )


Just Start

just start - emi ito illustration

I’ve been really into podcasts recently, and listened to a great one the other day that I only recently discovered: Raise Your Hand. Say Yes. with Tiffany Han.  I found it because I’m currently reading Art, Inc. by Lisa Congdon and am fascinated by Lisa’s career, and found that Tiffany recently interviewed her.  I tend to binge-listen to podcasts, so after listening to Lisa’s interview, one of the next ones I listened to featured Elise Blaha Cripe, and was all about just starting doing something you’ve been thinking about doing, instead of just planning and waiting until everything is perfect.  I’m definitely guilty of doing this, especially when it came to this blog and doing my artwork.  I would tell myself that I needed to get a really good website setup first, or get art certain supplies first, or research the best ways of doing certain things first, and then my posts and drawings would get more and more delayed.  Eventually I had to tell myself that the most important thing was just to do it and figure out the details later.  Yes, there is still a lot of work that can be done here, but so far, thinking this way has helped me be a lot more consistent with my work and blog!  I still hesitate that way these days about other things, but I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to just do things and not be so concerned with whether they’re perfect from the start.  The podcast really encouraged me to keep going, and maybe this will inspire you to get started on some dream or neat idea you’ve been putting off!  Have a great weekend!

Spain & Musings on Paella

paella.color.final. - emi ito illustration

Oh, paella.  I have such mixed feelings about you.  When we were in Spain, we ate paella every day.  Sometimes even twice a day.  This was not by choice, but was basically forced upon us due to either the people we were eating with or a lack of options.  Neither of us particularly like paella.  Not because the concept is not a good one — it’s really a delicious idea — but because it is so often poorly executed, that it is more likely to be bad than good.  We thought in Spain, and particularly in Valencia (the home of paella), it would be just as we imagined perfect paella to be: flavorful, with perfectly cooked rice and lots of seafood and meat.  Instead, it still managed to be disappointing, with mushy rice, little flavor, not enough seafood or meat, or too much oil, which really blew my mind.  In any case, I learned a new thing about paella that I had never known before.  The original paella from Valencia does not have seafood!  Crazy, right?  I’ll leave you to simmer with that thought until my next drawing (pun intended).  Happy Tuesday!

Valencia Recap

red shrimp - emi ito illustration


We’re back from Spain and Italy!  It was such a great trip — the weather was great most of the time, the food in Italy was delicious (more on that later), and we got time to relax and recharge.

During our time in Spain, I got a chance to go on a tour of Valencia, including the really cool central market.  Part of the market is designated for vegetables, meats, and spices, and another section is set aside for seafood.  All of the food looked so delicious and fresh, but the seafood section was the coolest to me!  There were so many types of fish and other seafood I had never seen before, including these beautiful bright red shrimp.  I knew I had to draw them once I got a chance, because they were so neat looking.  The market actually had an amazing variety of all different types of shrimp, but these really stood out to me.  Stay tuned for more on Spain and Italy!